Ollie McCaulley's Ballot Statement


This election is about a person’s experience with creating jobs, providing higher pay for employees, actively promoting education, and supporting teachers. I have done all of these things here in the beautiful High Desert and will work determinedly at the State level to improve each of these areas within our community.

My company has put employees and sub-contractors to work in multiple states and seven countries. I believe in a person making a decent living that will help pay their bills and take care of their families. As a business owner, I believe that California has put excessive and unnecessary taxes and regulations on both employers and employees. 

I don’t just say I support education, I am actively doing it. As a high school dropout, I went on to acquire my Bachelors, Masters of Law, and Doctorate degrees. I now run a company providing federal education training to thousands of adult learners around the world.

I have worked as a police officer and have seen what it was like to walk in law enforcement’s shoes. In my younger days, I had experienced what it was like to be treated differently because of the color of my skin. Working as a police officer gave me a better understanding of how to resolve conflicts and to hear both sides in a dispute. I have also served as the Chair of the CA Juvenile Justice Task Force.   

I am asking for your support to continue this work as your next State Assemblyman.